No Regrets (Mostly) Playlist From My Past | Messy


by Sara Dollens

My childhood was a mess when it came to music. When my dad introduced me to a lot of classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple I fell in love with music. Although I had a great appreciation for older rock music, I still found myself venturing into other genres and listened to popular artists when I was growing up. I like to think I have a good ear for music, but sometimes we listen to the most ridiculous songs and later wonder what the hell we were thinking when we put that album in our portable CD player. I wanted to laugh at how my music taste has evolved over the years, so below you will find songs I listened to from as early as age 4, to my sophomore year in high school. Now don’t get me wrong, not all of these songs are horrible. I will proudly admit that I still jam out to Simple Plan and the All American Rejects from time to time. I mean, who doesn’t?

From dancing in my living room to the Backstreet Boys to head banging at rock shows, here are my favorite, yet somewhat embarrassing throwback songs.

  1. “Larger Than Life” – The Backstreet Boys (1999)
  2. “Aaron’s Party” (Come Get It) – Aaron Carter (2000)
  3. “Why Not” – Hilary Duff (2003)
  4. “Shut Up” – Simple Plan (2004)
  5. “Hey There Delilah” – Plain White T’s (2005)
  6. “Move Along” – All American Rejects (2005)
  7. “Rush” – Aly & Aj (2005)
  8. “See You Again” – Miley Cyrus (2007)
  9. “Leavin” – Jesse McCartney (2008)
  10. “What Makes You Beautiful” – One Direction (2011)

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