Jack’s Mannequin is Back, Coming to First Ave, Tickets On Sale Today


by Lizzie

The day many people thought would never come has arrived: Jack’s Mannequin are touring again.

Though Jack’s Mannequin disbanded in 2012, former frontman Andrew McMahon has remained busy over the past three years. After releasing a self-titled EP in 2013, he released an album, then recently an acoustic EP under the name Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. His new solo work has been received positively by his long-time fans as well as new ones; however, there has remained a sense of hope that the band was not finished forever. 2015 marked the 10-year anniversary of the Jack’s Mannequin’s debut album, Everything In Transit, and following the anniversary, rumors began circulating about a reunion tour.

On November 30th, all hopes were confirmed: In 2016, Jack’s Mannequin will be reuniting for 10 dates across the country, on a tour appropriately dubbed the 10 Years In Transit Tour. In a post on his website, McMahon wrote, “I will be the first to admit, I prefer keeping my focus in the present, but I cannot deny Transit’s place in my life and the lives of my fans. . . .As I said so many years ago, this is a story, and it will be performed as such, in its original running order from start to finish.” And he’s right. Everything in Transit is an incredibly influential album–a hard-hitting, hard-rocking story that continues to resonate with fans a decade later. To revisit the album and play it in its entirety is a huge deal, and the tour will undoubtedly sell out quickly.

The band is stopping in Minneapolis for a show in the First Avenue Mainroom on January 24th. Tickets go on sale today, so get ready, because this is a show you absolutely will not want to miss.

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