LIVE AT THE GARAGE | 11/21: The Millenium, more


photos by Genna Skouge

review by Lizzie

I have never understood why some alt-rock concerts have so many openers. Maybe it’s because up until a few years ago I was a stranger to the entire genre, but I just don’t get it. But it’s hard to complain when you attend a show where eight acts are on the lineup and you find yourself wholeheartedly enjoying every single one. On Saturday, Wisconsin band The Millenium played at THE GARAGE, one of the final stops on their November headline tour. Opening for them were Damon Medek, Cup Check, Little Time Off, Clay Borrell, Whosah, Kiernan McMullan, and Carter Hulsey.

Due to the packed-full lineup, the Millenium’s set didn’t start until about 10:30, but I loved every minute of each opener so much that it didn’t matter. Up until the Millenium went on I had stayed in the very back corner, away from the rest of the crowd, but when they began playing I moved up and found myself standing next to the lead singer of Whosah, who was singing along even more enthusiastically than I was. It’s always a nice experience seeing band members standing with everyone else in the crowd before and after their own set, especially when they’re as involved in the music as everyone around them.

The Millenium kicked off their set with their new single, “Stay,” and immediately I felt at home with everyone else in the audience. Theirs is the kind of music it’s impossible not to dance to, and frontman Matt Hassenmueller’s energy and vocal ability will never cease to amaze me. Throughout the whole show he was fully immersed in the music, and he made sure everyone else was, too. He told the audience they had half an hour to forget all the stress in life and just enjoy the music, and that’s what everyone did. Along with their old songs they played some brand new ones, and even when no one in the audience knew the words, the energy in the room didn’t decrease at all. My personal favorite was “Take Me”, a single off their debut EP and the song I remember most clearly from the first time I ever saw them. It was the second song they played on Saturday, and when it started I was immediately filled with nostalgia and a sense of pure happiness. From that point until the end of the show I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. The other highlight of the show was a cover of “When You Were Young” by The Killers. I am a huge Killers fan, and when they started playing the intro, I lost it. I’m always a sucker for covers, and this was honestly one of the best live covers I’ve heard. The sound fit perfectly with the rest of their songs, and it was a flawless rendition.

The Millenium play THE GARAGE fairly regularly, so if you haven’t seen them before, make sure you do next time you have the chance, because it’s sure to be a night full of good music and good memories.

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