No Regrets (Mostly) Playlist From My Past | Sorry, Not Sorry


by Jordan Narloch

When it comes to TBT playlists, one would expect a cluster of songs that are generally embarrassing. However, the only thing that I might find embarrassing is that all my favorite middle school bands were borderline boy bands. Yes All-American Rejects, I am talking about you. But truth be told, my taste hasn’t changed an awful lot so I can’t say I’m too ashamed. Fortunately, I was able to dive into the good old poppy emo-rock I listen to today pretty early on in life. This with a combination of classic rock and 90s jams introduced to me by my father largely comprised my music catalog right around the 6th/7th grade era. Enjoy diving into the iPod of little, adolescent Jordan.

  1. All American Rejects – Dirty Little Secret

What throwback playlist from a young adult my age wouldn’t be complete without a little Rejects?

  1. Fall Out Boy – Sugar We’re Going Down

Going hand-in-hand with AAR, I fell in love with everyone’s favorite emo rockers thanks to this radio hit.

  1. The Fray – You Found Me

Trying to appeal to a more sophisticated “I’m going to listen to piano driven pop tunes” outlook, I found solace in The Fray.

  1. Paramore – Pressure

Middle school hit and I found out women could rock. Not a time goes by where I hear this song and don’t have flashbacks to strolling into 7th grade English refusing to let anyone disturb my jam session.

  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California

In 6th grade all I wanted to do was listen to the Chili Peppers. In spite of my parents’ disapproval, I borrowed my friend’s copy of Stadium Arcadium and listened to it religiously. Dani California still remains my favorite off the record.

  1. Dave Matthews Band – Ants Marching

When I received my first iPod, I only had my dad’s CDs at my disposal to burn to iTunes. Memories of earlier childhood made this one of the most played songs on the prized little device.

  1. The Who – Pinball Wizard

Another influence passed down the generations, I remember latching on to The Who despite the fact that it resembled none of the other bands I enjoyed. Still Classic.

  1. Pearl Jam – Daughter

A family friend lent me Pearl Jam’s discography in 8th grade… what more is there to say?

  1. The Killers – Mr. Brightside

A former snowboarding buddy of mine was obsessed with The Killers. Not a ride to the slopes went by where I wasn’t forced to listen to Hot Fuss and I couldn’t have been more fortunate that this was the case.

  1. Matchbox Twenty – 3 AM

Matchbox Twenty’s greatest hits for Christmas one year was a gamechanger.

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