INTERVIEW | Empty My Lungs: Growth


by Genna Skouge

Andy Pritchard and Bryant Beckermann of Empty My Lungs are a super vocalist duo in the metal scene. I had the opportunity to interview both of them a while back on a Facebook chat and got a little more in depth with them in terms of the music life they have devoted themselves to.

GMN: You both have been friends and as you like to say, brothers, for years now. You grew up and grew old together in St. Cloud and then escaped and transferred your lives to the Minneapolis area. What is it like to be in a band together?

Andy: Like building a house with your brothers.

Bryant: It’s something we have known was going to happen eventually. Creatively, we connect really well so this works out perfectly.

Andy: When you come together to create something with someone you’ve known for so long and so closely, that reflects in the music, and in the process of finding our sound.

Bryant: It actually came together better that expected.

GMN: Well that’s a relief. What are the future plans for the band? Music-wise, and performing-wise, what can the fans that anticipated your music expect?

Andy: They can expect us to carefully plan each release in the months to come. They can also expect a music video and a little something for every song. We plan to do it right and present something worthy of everyone’s time.

GMN: Your music, each individual song’s lyrics have a deep personal meaning written in them. Where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics? Do you write your songs together or do you write your individual parts separately?

Bryant: We come up with a general theme for each song and then write our parts separately. Gives it a more open ended feel so people can take their own inspiration of it.

Andy: Once we got a good pre-pro[duction] together and had a solid track to build off of, we designated parts and used lyrics that we had been building over the past year. We found similar themes in each others words and rewrote them to be the perfect blend of our words and voices.

GMN: For those unaware, you record with the Ohio based producer, Johnny Franck. Andy, I know that your old band We Are The Blog! recorded both EPs with him. What is it like to work with such a talented producer? Are you both equally satisfied with the way the music has turned out?

Bryant: More than happy! I am completely in love with everything he has done with us!

Andy: Each time I go and work with Johnny I feel like I personally grow as a person and that time away gives me a sort of reflection I don’t get to have in my day to day life. I always figure something new out and Johnny never stops amazing me every step of the way. I’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow as a producer as well, and that makes me feel like I’m a part of something big.

Bryant: He definitely helped me find my voice and grow as a vocalist as well.

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