No Regrets (Mostly) Playlist From My Past | What I Listened to in Middle School

by Lizzie

It’s a universally known fact that middle school is basically the worst idea anyone ever had. Obviously I’m as relieved as the next person (maybe even more so) that it’s over, and usually I do my best to pretend it never happened. But even though the turn of the decade was a rough time for me and my peers, it was a pretty great year for music, and sometimes I do have a habit of looking back fondly at the songs that got me through such a tragic time in my life.

  1. “Whatcha Say” – Jason Derulo
  2. “DONTTRUSTME” – 3OH!3
  3. “Down” – Jay Sean
  4. “Like a G6” – Far East Movement
  5. “Good Girls Go Bad” – Cobra Starship
  6. “Fire Burning” – Sean Kingston
  7. “Replay” – Iyaz
  8. “One Time” – Justin Bieber
  9. “Break Your Heart” – Taio Cruz
  10. “Airplanes” – B.o.B. feat. Hayley Williams
  11. “Poker Face” – Lady Gaga
  12. “Your Love Is My Drug” – Ke$ha
  13. “Love Drunk” – Boys Like Girls

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