When Songs Stand Out | Bring Me The Horizon’s “Antivist” and “Can You Feel My Heart”


by Sara Dollens and Jordan Narloch

[Editor’s note: Two of our writers went to the bananas Bring Me The Horizon show at the Myth on the 14th. They’ve spent the last two weeks thinking about specific songs during the set that made them aware of the band’s skill as well as the connection between its members. This is the result, along with photos from each of their views.]


“Can You Feel My Heart” by Jordan

With a lineup consisting of some of the most played artists in my music library, you bet my anticipation for Bring Me The Horizon’s That’s The Spirit show was astronomical. When the time arrived for the band to play, the Myth absolutely erupted. I was lost in a sea of happily screaming humans, fighting for a glimpse of the British rockers who were blasting their newest album’s opener, “Doomed.” Unfortunately, I spent much of the first few songs struggling to fully enjoy the experience as I was sloshed around uncomfortably.

It wasn’t until “Can You Feel My Heart” where I fully realized how impressive the band actually was; their presence was otherworldly. The eerie, almost ghostly, synths began. Singer, Oli Sykes seemingly channeled spirits from another world as his hand trembled towards the ceiling. The tension built. His hand pulsed. As it pulsed it produced the faint beat of a heart, audible throughout the room. The heavier synth beat dropped and the full band joined in. Jordan Fish floated between the electronic drum pads, which replaced the keyboards in producing the song’s iconic melody. Eyes closed, guitarist, Lee Malia and bassist, Matt Kean bounced along in a trance, executing their rhythmic parts without flaw. Calm and collected, drummer Matt Nicholls played the atypical beat without a thought; it simply seemed to flow out of him. The entirety of Bring Me The Horizon appeared possessed, and although we communally sang, “I can’t drown my demons they know how to swim,” I’m pretty sure this was the band’s way of exorcising them. It was as if all of their hardships were channeled into this one moment and expelled by pure passion. Every action seemed so effortless and transcendent, leaving me with the impression that the five-piece had never felt more comfortable in their own skin. By the time the song ended I couldn’t help but think that anyone should hope to do something with as much noticeable passion as Bring Me The Horizon when they perform.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

“Antivist” by Sara Dollens

After getting warmed up with some killer sets from Pvris and Issues, the time finally came. Bring Me The Horizon were moments away from taking the stage and I had never been so excited.

The band opened with the song “Doomed.” This is one of their strongest, and my favorite songs off their new record and it was definitely a crowd pleaser. They couldn’t have picked a better song to open the show with and I was eager to see how the crowd’s energy would hold up as the night went on.

As the show progressed, the band’s energy never faded. If anything, it was enhanced with each song they performed, especially when they began to play “Antivist.” “Antivist” is a favorite among many Bring Me The Horizon fans, including myself, but it’s definitely a more aggressive and vocally harsh song. The lights began to flicker and the band took their positions. The crowd got their middle fingers up high and ready and the pit opened at the sound of Oli’s voice yelling, “Push it back.” The crowd went absolutely mental.

There were loads of fans crowd surfing and moshing to Oli’s hard-hitting vocals, and at that moment, I knew I did the right thing by leaving the pit when I did. Don’t get me wrong, being in the pit is an unreal experience, but sometimes it’s hard to enjoy a performance when you’re constantly struggling to stand upright and catch your breath.

As the song continued on, I noticed how in sync the band was with one another. Drummer Matt Nicholls struck each drum with an impeccable amount of force and rhythm, as Jordan Fish helped back up Oli throughout the song, as well as continue to shift between the keys and his drum pads. Bassist Matt Kean and guitarist Lee Malia moved to the beat of the music and jumping around with the crowd. And then there was Oli., screaming as if the whole world could hear him. I had never seen an artist show so much raw emotion and connect with a crowd on stage before as much as Oli did. He and the rest of the band really exceeded my expectations and made it one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

It wasn’t until after “Antivist” ended that I realized how impressive Bring Me The Horizon truly is. I had never screamed and sang so loudly during a song. I had never seen so much passion and emotion on stage from any other band before and I can truly say that I’ve established a deeper connection with their music and I can’t get enough of it.

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