WHY I LISTEN TO… | Indie-folk


by Polina Pekurovsky

Indie-folk is a genre that, honestly, I have been trying to stop listening to. Everytime I do, I get flooded with unwanted emotions of nostalgia and better days. Maybe it’s the soft guitar or the whispery voices that go with it, or the music video of people in flannels smiling in the misty Pacific Northwest forests. Whatever it is, it keeps drawing me back.

I consider myself a well-rounded person (for the most part), and try to listen to a variety of genres. I enjoy most of them, but folk is the one that really hits me. A few notes of a song by Bon Iver and I’m already crying. It takes me back to lazy days in the Pacific Northwest: drinking coffee, laying in the pines and gazing up at mountains. I am thankful for that. This is the only genre that is capable of triggering such fond memories, and I cherish the flannel-wearing musicians of the Pacific Northwest for allowing me to go back to my memories for a small amount of time.

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