INTERVIEW | Beach Weather: Beginnings, Tour, and the Future


by Lizzie

[Editor’s note: read Lizzie’s profile of Beach Weather here.]

Recently I had the opportunity to connect with Nick and Ian of the band Beach Weather and ask them about the new EP, touring with The Maine, and their plans for the future.

GMN: Where are you from?

Nick: As individuals, we are from all over the country. As a band, Beach Weather, USA.

GMN: How did you all meet?

Ian: I feel that’s the question we receive most, and the response always seems to vary. We’re from all over the country–Reeve is from Nashville, Austin from Phoenix, Nick from Boston and Ian (me) from Brooklyn–so meeting was a difficult task to say the least. I met Nick when I was on tour with Oh Honey, with whom I played guitar for two years. Austin toured with fellow 8123 band Lydia and that’s how he came about meeting Nick. Reeve actually met Nick while attending one of the A Rocket To The Moon shows and it all seemed to blossom after that. To put it short, we all met through Nick.

GMN: What other projects have you all been a part of?

Ian: Well, I was a part of the group Oh Honey right out of college and Austin, as noted before, toured with Lydia. Reeve had his own group growing up and hopped into this band while establishing himself musically in Nashville. Nick, as we all know, was the head honcho in A Rocket to the Moon. All the acts we played with previously were simply wonderful.

GMN: How long has Beach Weather been in the works?

Nick: It’s been an idea in my head for a while now. We created the EP What A Drag in the spring of this year and finally were able to release and take it on the road this fall.

GMN: How does this music/musical process so far compare to your other projects?

Nick: I wrote these songs with my good friend Sean Silverman. We actually wrote most of the songs on a bass plugged into a guitar amp for some reason. We realized writing songs on other instruments than just a guitar seems to strike different ideas and influence. So this one was fun to do it that way.

GMN: Who/what are some of your major influences in your current sound?

Ian: I would say that our inspiration varies between members. Country seems to be a recurring sound that is a part of our playlist while on tour. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers play a key role in how we established the sound. Our taste remains eclectic, though. I personally can listen to Biggie in the same playlist as Bob Dylan. Regardless of our influences, though, we like to play groovy music, noise that makes people want to dance and keep moving. Honestly, we just like to have a good time when we play and that’s where it all stems from.

GMN: What was the writing process like for your EP?

Nick: We would write a song and demo it after we wrote it. When we had about nine songs we picked our favorite five and started tracking the songs for real. In all, it took about two weeks total.

GMN: How did it come about that you got to tour with The Maine as such a new act?

Ian: As you may know, Nick has been close with the boys in The Maine for quite a while now. When they were looking for an act to open the tour it was without question that Nick, who is a dear friend of theirs, could fill the spot. We’re so grateful to be a part of a tour with such exceptional musicians and wonderful people. We haven’t had a bad show yet.

GMN: How long was the time period between writing, recording, practicing, and playing these songs for the first time? Was there a lot of time or did it all come together pretty quickly?

Nick: Writing and recording was all around the same time. Then we found out about the tour three weeks before it started so we had to buckle down and get the songs ready to be played live in a short period of time before it actually started.

GMN: If you could sum up the Free For All Tour so far in 5 words, what would they be?

Ian: A summer camp on wheels.

GMN: What are your plans for after this tour?

Ian: We were lucky enough to get a spot on the Sleeping With Sirens tour that heads to Europe in February. When the news hit we were absolutely amazed at the amount of support we got from all of our fans. The guys in Sleeping with Sirens, too, are great people and if you’re around, be sure to check out some of the dates on our Instagram (@beachweather).

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