WHY I LISTEN TO… | Alt-rock

by Jordan Narloch

Before our last GMN meeting I was driving in the car listening to my latest musical acquisition, Pioneer by The Maine. “Like We Did (Windows Down)” came on and I was immediately overwrought with emotion. The opening riff surrounded me with its melancholic tone. Having only heard the song once or twice before — a capacity that was by no means suitable for nostalgic feelings — I was flooded with memories of summers past.

Yeah, you were dancing to your favorite song

And all my friends, they were singing along

We got down

We got high

Oh the moment felt so right

So let’s run free and carry on

Like we did when we were young

The song paints a simple picture with simple words, but I couldn’t help but be moved by it. So I sat, wondering why in the world I was left in a depressed, longing haze for those carefree times after just listening to this song. It didn’t play a role in my memories and I’m probably not even old enough to feel a longing for youth, but I still couldn’t help but feel it. Eventually I quit pondering the thought and just decided to take in the rest of the album as I completed the rest of my drive.

When I arrived at the meeting, the idea for the “Why I Listen To…” series came up and I was absolutely overwhelmed with the task of describing why I love what I do. However, I noticed that I kept thinking back to that moment with the particular song by The Maine and it actually describes why I listen to alt-rock perfectly. I listen because the songs have a power to drench my mood with sadness, and for whatever odd reason, I really enjoy it.

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