WHY I LISTEN TO… | Hardcore

by Hana Simons

Hardcore is fast, uncontrollable, and angry as hell. I’ve never really listened to music that expressed anger in an upfront way. Most of the bands I was into beat around the bush and mostly complained about their lives or talked about never giving up. Don’t get me wrong, they’re good bands but they made it seem that being angry at life wasn’t good. They made everything seem like a contest of who can make the biggest difference in their fans lives by repeating the same theme over again.

Then hardcore stomped into my life and I mean that in the most literal way possible.

I went to my first hardcore show and ended up head first into the wall shortly after my feet were trampled and kicked. I love the sound of the music, the rage in their voices, the energy on stage, the crowd going crazy, and most importantly the classic “HUH!” in a song that’s just a minute long.

As intense as hardcore shows get, those shows are where I feel most at home. We all come together and consent to screaming in each other’s faces, to just go crazy for a little while. I haven’t figured out whether it’s the bands that play or the people at these shows that make it so safe for me. After finding hardcore I’ve come out of my shell. The last show I went to I got to talk and connect with people on a different level. A level without bias, judgment, and hate.

Hardcore is the genre to check out if you’re sick of the world sugar coating everything. Get angry, stomp around, and hardcore dance your heart out.

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