LIVE AT THE GARAGE | 9/18: Hailfire album release


by Genna Skouge

September 18, the night of the growl brawl. We kick off another great weekend at THE GARAGE with Hailfire’s album release in The Lounge with support from Orion, Malice, and Pandemic Inc. Four bands I have personally never had the pleasure of capturing.

The first band of the night, Orion, a three piece line-up. They killed it with a five song set that the small yet rowdy crowd got really into. The crowd started a mini mosh pit that was fun to observe. (Orion is looking for another guitarist to join if anyone is at all interested.)

The second band of the night to perform, Malice, played with rage on stage. What a sight to love. Three men with a leather get-ups and a drummer with a “Nuka-Cola” shirt on. They call themselves “The Sons of Rock” and I would have to completely agree. I had an absolute blast photographing these four fine gentlemen.

Next to play, another three piece line-up, Pandemic. The played fiercely with some really mean growls. The crowd was highly energetic during their set. Another mini mosh pit started when I made my way back to observe the rest of their set. I enjoyed watching all the interaction that the crowd and band had together.

Last but not least, our “kings” of the night, Hailfire. A four piece band that slayed it with a killer set. I loved everything about this band. As a viewer of all, the crowd loved them as much as I did. If have not yet had a chance to check any of these amazingly talented bands, I highly suggest you do so. Especially if you’re into heavy rock music.

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