WHY I LISTEN TO… | Indie Rock

by Maddy Siiter

Indie rock (or “alt rock”) is deeper than what I’d consider classic rock. Some of my favorite songs come from bands and artists like Augustana, Haim, and Ryan Adams. There’s still an opening guitar or piano riff that could be playing anywhere and I’d recognize it, but there’s that vulnerable and honest singer/songwriter element that really draws me in and makes me feel connected. It’s the raw emotion both live and recorded you don’t always get from a band just trying to be loud.

The lyrics often are so specific to the songwriter, yet make so much sense to me in my own life. Listening to “Remember Me” by Augustana will always take me back to when I heard it live for the first time, stripped down and acoustic. I remember feeling the passion lead singer Dan Layus has for his family and getting goosebumps as he sang the lyrics, “Will you hear me when the stairs creak? I always sang you what I couldn’t speak.”

I could be humming the melody while making breakfast as the sun comes up or screaming the lyrics with the windows down and my best friend in the passenger seat. They’re songs that will take me back to a certain feeling and memory forever.

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