by Cassie

I like music that has a genuine message that I can connect with and that makes a difference in the world. Punk fits this perfectly.

Some of the best music is used to express emotion as well as real-life struggles and situations that listeners can connect with. However, a lot of pop music today is simply motivated by making money and its content isn’t as relevant to most listeners.

Fortunately, there are punk artists who write music that fans can relate to, while still being fun to listen to. Punk music was specifically created to go against and stand apart from what is popular. These musicians speak out about issues that are important to them, even if they defy society’s norms. Children 18:3 speaks out about this in their song “Mock the Music,” telling everyone who disagrees with what they stand for that “It’s alright, it’s a stereotype and I don’t mind if you use it. It’s alright, you can say what you like, just don’t mock the music!” Punk is one of the best genres to listen to for those who like music that stands out from the rest and stands up for something significant.

In addition, punk musicians are often very honest about their life experiences and hardships, which is what makes it so easy to relate to. For example, in the song “Better Times” by Kids in the Way, the singer tells listeners about how he hurt someone he cared about and wishes he could take away the pain and regret that he feels. Many of us have mistreated someone we loved at some point in our lives and have to live with the fact that we ruined a special relationship that we may never get back. For that reason, most listeners can connect with the song and the emotions it contains and appreciate it all the more.

Punk is the perfect combination of awesome music and honest, relatable lyrical content that draws in listeners of all musical backgrounds.

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