REVIEW | Atlas Genius — “Inanimate Objects”


by Polina Pekurovsky

Atlas Genius’s new album Inanimate Objects will spark a revisited interest for the band. The album, which came out August 28, balances electronic music and guitar, creating a taste of alternative pop in their otherwise alternative rock sound.

This is the trio’s second album, and after having great success with the first, Inanimate Objects does not disappoint. Although they did not completely reinvent their sound, they did change it up, using an electric bass to add depth to their music, but this was only present in a few songs. For example, “Friends with Enemies” begins with a dramatic and bone-chilling electric bass, adding a powerful tone.

In addition to the new electronic sounds, the beats are exceptional. The drum line in “Stockholm” sends shivers up my spine. Both this song and “Friends with Enemies” were very fresh and filled with character, many songs on the album were extremely predictable.

“The Stone Mill” and “A Perfect End” reminded me of their previous album, When It Was Now, which came out in 2013. They seem a bit forced, and I was impatient for these songs to come to an end.

However, the similarities between Where It Was Now and Inanimate Objects don’t take away from the amazing sound of the new album. Instead, the consistency enhances the band’s attention to detail and commitment to good music.

Overall, the album is what you would expect from Atlas Genius, with a few stunning exceptions. “Friends with Enemies,” “Stockholm,” “Molecules,” and “Where I Belong,” struck me with emotion and were on repeat for days.

This album deserves a listen, especially if you enjoy Where It Was Now.

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