PLAYLIST | Fall — At Least It’s Not Winter


by Lizzie

Fall is a time of change and new beginnings–shorter days, crunchy leaves, colder air, and of course, a new academic year. Some people love it, some hate it, but regardless of how you feel it’s a million times better than the bitter winter we all know is coming. Here’s a playlist to help you enjoy the beautiful weather, and survive returning back to school.

“Castle” — Halsey

This song is the perfect way to motivate yourself to start waking up painfully early in the morning. School? Bring it on.

“Spin” — Bad Bad Hats

This song sounds like the opening song in a crappy high school romantic comedy. And I mean that in the best way possible. So why not listen to it to make the first day back a little less dull?

“So Radio” — Look Out Love

“Oxford Comma” — Vampire Weekend

I don’t know about you, but I automatically think of this song whenever I walk into English class.

“Ivy and Gold” — Bombay Bicycle Club

If the leaves sang as they changed colors, they’d sing this song.

“Souls” — Hippo Campus

This is an awesome tune by my favorite MN band, and perfect in those last few weeks of being outside before it gets REALLY cold.

“Wind Fall” — Photocomfort [Not available on Spotify]

This song is perfect to listen to while walking through the woods admiring the red and gold trees.

“Dreams” — Bastille feat. Gabrielle Aplin

Leave it to Bastille to cover a Fleetwood Mac song and make it sound dramatic, haunting, and perfect for a cold and rainy fall night.

“Weekend” — Priory

Even though it’s back-to-school, we still have the weekends. Beautiful, wonderful weekends.

“Anna Sun” — Walk the Moon

Singer Nick Petricca once said this song was about his adventures during his college days. It’s a final celebration of the warmer weather, and a perfect closer to this playlist.

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