Warped Reflections

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by Sara Dollens

Despite getting dehydrated and severely sunburned, this year’s Warped Tour was one for the books. Within seconds of entering, I got to meet Matt and Trevor Wentworth from Our Last Night. They were right in front of the venue taking pictures, conversing with fans, and holding up some signs with their set time for the day. I think it’s super awesome when bands go around the venue and promote their sets and try to get new people to come out and listen to their music. If the bands themselves aren’t doing this, then other bands on Warped are.

One thing I love about Warped is how supportive everyone is towards one another. I’ve been following some of my favorite bands on social media throughout the summer while they’ve been on Warped, and it’s cool to see countless tweets from musicians saying to go check out other bands and listen to some new music. I feel like this is what Warped Tour is all about, supporting your favorite bands, as well as branching out and listening to new ones. This year I took three of my friends to their very first Warped Tour. Two of their reactions were as follows…

“It really was an experience of a life time! I had a lot of fun and heard some amazing music including bands like Pvris, Pierce The Veil, Our Last Night and many more! My first Warped tour is definitely one for the books and I can’t wait until next year!”


“Warped Tour is a blessing and a curse.”


Lets take a closer look at Jordan’s quote…

Warped Tour is a curse for two reasons and two reasons only.

  1. If you have fair skin and don’t use sunscreen, you’re screwed. I have red hair and probably the palest skin you’ll ever see. Let’s just say I’ve had quite the painful recovery these past few days.
  2. If two or more of your favorite bands have overlapping set times, there’s no hope for you and you’re faced with probably the most difficult decision when going to Warped Tour. I had to choose between closing out the day with Citizen or Our Last Night. Citizen lost.

Above all, Warped Tour is a blessing. It’s a place where kids and adults with a passion for music come together one day out of the year and meet their favorite bands and enjoy a day full of killer music. It’s a time when you’re introduced to tons of new bands. This year I got to see two bands that I’ve just started becoming familiar with, Being As An Ocean and We Came As Romans. I really enjoyed their live performance and it made me want to go home and listen to even more of their music.

I also got to see some of my all time favorite bands, which included Black Veil Brides, Neck Deep, Pvris, Pierce The Veil, and Our Last Night. I stayed towards the back for most of the performances because I was not trying to mosh with the nasty sunburn I got. When you’re in the back of the crowd where it’s mostly still and you’re not constantly worried about crowd surfers kicking you in the head, you really notice people around you.

When I was watching Pvris, I noticed a few different types of people. There were the fans that couldn’t put down their phones if their life depended on it, fans that were in awe of Lynn’s vocal range and couldn’t stop singing along with her, and then there were others who were already trying to figure out where they were heading next once the set ended. I was probably a little of all three.

Warped Tour has killer bands every year, but no Warped Tour would be complete with out its numerous organizations and sponsors.

One of my favorite organizations and sponsors of Warped that I learned more about this year was Action For Animals. They had a tent set up with merchandise and pamphlets that told you what their organization was about and what they strive to do. This particular group promotes a vegan lifestyle and strives to end animal suffering through educational outreach, demonstrations, and media involvement.

Another cool organization that was out on Warped Tour this year was The Entertainment Institute. TEI is a “music education platform that gives you access to musicians and professionals currently working in the industry through customized workshops, both online and in person.” Whether you’re a singer or a drummer, a photographer or a videographer, TEI has offered dozens of classes each day on Warped Tour with awesome individuals working in the music industry.

Warped Tour is an experience like none other. If you have yet to attend, I highly recommend you do. I had a killer time this year and I’m so thankful I got to meet some of my favorite musicians, as well as finally see some of my favorite bands live. It’s safe to say that I’m already counting down the days till Warped Tour 2016.

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