INTERVIEW | The Bombshells: The next generation of Riot Grrrl


by Maddy Siiter

I recently sat down with Alex Lothrop and Maggie Stearns of local Riot Grrrl punk band, The Bombshells, to talk about the cake and candy behind their debut release Bake Sale Hotties. We also covered how it feels to be young and making waves in a music scene fit mostly for adults.

MS: How would you define your sound and image?

Alex Lothrop: With our music style, we try to be aggressive and just say what we really mean.

Maggie Stearns: Honest fun; good, clean honest fun is how I would explain it, but kinda mean.

MS: So was that intentional or something that just happened?

Stearns: When we’re in bad moods or unhappy…it’ll just come across that way.

Lothrop: I guess when we first started playing, we weren’t “technical musicians” or anything. It just kind of was like, “This is easy to play and I’m just going to yell about what I feel.”

MS: Was there an “aha” moment when you knew it was something worth sharing?

Stearns: 100% yes. I think the first time “Who’s to Say” came together was when we were like, “This is it. This is good.”

Lothrop: Once we wrote “Who’s to Say,” it was our first song that was kind of like Riot Grrrl. It was fast, the other ones were slower and more melodic and this one was more aggressive and fun and we were like, “This is what we want to do. This is what our sound should be.”

MS: How did the decision to release on tape come about?

Lothrop: We were really interested in Forged Artifacts, the record label we’re on. They do all tape releases. I really like the idea of tape. I think it’s really cool.

Stearns: I do too. I think all of us spend our fair share of money on tapes.

Lothrop: CDs are kind of dying out now and no one really listens to them anyway – it’s just a download now, but with the tape you get the download too. They just look cool and they’re fun to have.

MS: Where did the title Bake Sale Hotties come from?

Stearns: I think it honestly came from one of those name generators. We just picked a word that we liked, and I’m pretty sure it was “hotties” and we pushed a button and out came Bake Sale Hotties and we really liked it a lot.

Lothrop: Before we first started, we would always do a bunch of bake sale things at different shows to raise money. So when we thought of that, it just connected the dots.

Stearns: Junk food is a huge symbolic thing for our band, just like cakes and cupcakes and weird frosting and candy. Bake Sale Hotties was a really good representation of that.

Lothrop: Just eating whatever you want and the idea that you can be an angry girl and just eat cake. It just doesn’t matter.

MS: Do you think you have any limitations being young in an often 21+ music scene?

Lothrop: Yeah, you definitely can’t play every show or go see bands you want to see. Or you get kicked out after you’re done playing. Not being 21 definitely has it’s drawbacks, but at the same time it’s fun to be younger people in the scene, being a fresh new thing. Still, it’s hard to work around sometimes.

Stearns: It really is, especially being younger girls too.

Lothrop: Yeah because if you’re trying to haul gear around and walk through [unfamiliar neighborhood] in the middle of the night it can be dangerous.

MS: What’s in the future for the Bombshells?

Lothrop: We definitely have a lot of new material that we’re working on. We’re just looking pretty soon to start playing a lot more. Some surprises in the future.

Stearns: Many surprises.

To purchase a copy of the tape, or stream Bake Sale Hotties visit their Bandcamp page.

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