LIVE IN MPLS | 5/29: Teenage Takeover – Buckfest 2015


by Gracia

The youth have taken over and it has never sounded so good.

I’m not really sure what I initially expected when going to Buckfest, but it didn’t disappoint me in the slightest. I had seen ads around the Twin Cities for a show that featured the best of what local teens have to offer, and I figured, why not? I arrived at the Fineline Music Cafe surrounded by local teens my age. The stage was small and glowing with blue lights. When Goofy Boys came on, a mismatched rap group of Hopkins seniors, the energy in the building was amazing. The size of the venue was completely forgotten, the crowd moved as one unit. Everyone here was looking for nothing but a good time, and they got it.

It was such an exciting experience, all of it. I couldn’t believe the talent and from kids in high school nonetheless. People in the crowd know these kids, they see them walking down the hallways at school or hanging out around the town, and here they are on stage performing for a crowd that is loving every second of it. I was completely in awe.

When Asher Weisberg, otherwise known as DJ Micro Penis began his set, people were going absolutely crazy. It was impossible not to love it all, the music, the crowd, the energy. After one of his more famous songs, “Fuego,” he thanked us all for coming, and you could tell he really meant it. This was such a huge opportunity for him and all the groups that performed, and they definitely made the most out of it.

Being in this crowd of teens from around the Twin Cities, pushing and jumping around to the sounds of original music played by Hopkins teenagers has got to be one of the greatest feelings in the world. I am so proud to be a part of this talented generation, and I cannot wait for more to come.

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