REVIEW | The Story So Far’s “The Story So Far”

PNE168_Cover_1800-e1426440223680 (1)

by Hana

When the first track of The Story So Far’s self titled album hits, you wonder to yourself if they sold out and changed their sound. The first few seconds of that track sound pretty different for them. Never fear, once the vocals ring through, it’s classic Story So Far. Listening to this album you can’t help but ask yourself who hurt Parker Cannon so badly? (Based on the idea that most vocalists write their lyrics.) “And when you finally see the scope, feel the ghost grip of my choke. No, I won’t know you, I’ll love you less, and it’ll be effortless.”

This album will make you jump to the beat and punch the air. You’ll lose your voice screaming these lyrics into the wind.

Their previous albums set a high standard. Pop punk is often described as “sad lyrics with happy music.” Following this formula The Story So Far never misses. TSSF is one of those bands who continually produce A+ albums. You never want to miss a beat.

Listening to this album without paying attention to the lyrics, you miss what is hidden beneath the surface. I fully recommend reading the lyrics as you listen to each track. What attracted me to TSSF was their energy and their ability to uncover what I felt inside. This album was no different.

I connected to a particular song. From the feelings of the past to the realization of the here and now. The track is titled “Solo.”

“And if I see you am I gonna curse you out? Is it enough that I’m up right now? Does it anger you that I chose a different route?”

These lyrics express how I felt for two years. How I felt about a particular person who royally screwed me over and took every bit of who I was.

“I feel indigo, you’ve got what I need. I’m indigo, you’ve got what I need. You’re not what I need.”

I realized I didn’t need this person to exist in a way. I had realized this a while ago but I couldn’t expressing in words or even mentally. It felt as if I could finally see the sun again. My lungs felt free. This song finally validated a tough part of my life positively in the end.

I find bits and pieces of my soul in each song The Story So Far has put out. I’ve uncovered who I really am, an angsty teenager who dreams of a better future. A teenager who dreams big despite the difficulties of life.

Everyone should listen to this album all the way through at least once. It is now available on iTunes and Target. PURENOISERECORDS is releasing it May 19, 2015 on their website along with a ton of bundles.

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