LIVE IN MPLS | 5/10: The Story So Far, Four Year Strong, Terror, Souvenirs at the Varsity


photos by Emily

review by Gracia

The Story So Far had a big reputation to uphold in Minnesota. The last show they played here was over a year and a half ago at our home turf, The Garage. But on May 10th they rolled into the Varsity Theater loaded with songs from a brand new self-titled album.

The band emerged onto a blackened stage as roaring screams filled up the venue. A crowd with undeniable energy pushed and pulled to get inches closer to the band. We’d had their songs stuck in our heads since their critically acclaimed album What You Don’t See. Multicolored lights lit up smiling faces and their first song blared through the speakers. The energy was insane. This is definitely one of the only bands that I would happily stand through hair-pulling, forceful shoving, and lots and lots of sweat just to hear them.

With a band like The Story So Far, it’s hard to trump their classic songs like “Mount Diablo” and “Quicksand,” but their newest album boasts songs that are arguably even better. When they played “Heavy Gloom” the vitality of the crowd tripled. Crowd surfers flipped over pumping fists and the pit opened wider and wider.

As the first chord of their last song, “Roam,” echoed through the venue, you could almost touch the energy. Frontman Parker Cannon’s emotion was apparent when he screamed the line, “Never again will I let someone in.” At this point I turned around to face the crowd. Sweaty, red-faced, and all screaming the same lyrics, it was clear that everyone was singing the song for a different reason. And yet, here we all were, together in this crowded theater, brought together by a single song and a wonderful band. This concert was one that proved that music, if nothing else, can bring everyone together, and I am lucky to be a part of it all.

Things I Can’t Change
The Glass
All Wrong
Bad Luck
Heavy Gloom
Empty Space
680 South
Right Here
High Regard

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