First!: Record Store Day


by Sararosa

Believe it or not, this past Saturday was my first Record Store Day ever and boy, was it wild! From Jeremy Messersmith sightings (!!) to awesome live music and free vinyl at Hymies, it was one grand, unexpected day. If this is what Record Store Day is normally like, I can’t wait for next year and the surprises it has to offer. Here’s my dispatch from the day in diary form:

9:15 AM: I wake up to my usual weekend alarm (“Share with Me the Sun” by Portugal. the Man) and reach for my glasses on my bedside stand. I take a while to get out of bed due to normal distracted teenage behavior: scrolling through Twitter, texting my friend about our Chemistry project, etc. I hear my parents down in the kitchen making breakfast and listening to The Current, so I finally drag myself out of the warm comfort of my bed. My mom has the radio on pretty loud and I hear the DJ’s mentioning Record Store Day. “Oh, yeah! That’s happening,” I think to myself. I join my parents for a breakfast of eggs and smoothies and prepare myself for one of those typical Saturdays.

10:00 AM: My aunt texts me about joining her for Record Store Day celebrations at Hymies later in the afternoon. She uses the term “free live music” as bait. It always works. I drop all my previous expectations for the day and decide to go. I text my friend Lily about joining me at Hymie’s around 1:30 so we can thrift through the vinyl and check out festivities. She, eager and bored out of her mind on a Saturday, says yes.

1:45 PM: I meet Lily at Hymies Vintage Records after some mishaps with my bus route. We head to the crates upon crates of free vinyl records next to the store. The selection has already been picked over, but Lily finds some gems among the horrible amount of Johnny Mathis and Christmas records. She shows me a cool record she found while waiting for me. It’s swing dancing music and I am jealous because I really love big band stuff. There is even a how-to guide for the dancing with steps. Lily and I agree that we are both horrible dancers and will consult the steps later.

2:00 PM: Lily gets stuck watching someone’s stroller outside Hymie’s so I head in for a quick look around. I had never actually been to Hymie’s before, so it sure was an experience being there when it was all hot, sweaty, and busy. Because of Lily waiting outside and my deep seated fear of knocking someone over in the mess of people, I only go to the comedy and local music sections. While browsing through the local music section, I turn around and see a nondescript man with black horn rimmed glasses and a beard. My thoughts at this moment went “Jeremy Messersmith?!” No, can’t be. There are so many men with beards and glasses in this scene.” But of course, it was Jeremy Messersmith [Editor’s note: if you’ve read Sararosa’s work before you know this is A. BIG. DEAL.]. I pick out my Trampled by Turtles vinyl, Wild Animals, and head to check out. I meet Lily outside after and tell her about my Messersmith sighting. She laughs because she knows my love for him.

2:30 PM: I wait outside while Lily is checking out the store. Jeremy Messersmith comes out of the store and stands there next to me. I say to him without really thinking, “You are Jeremy Messersmith.” He says, “I am.” Awkward conversation ensues. He leaves and Lily comes out of the shop with her records: the soundtrack for the musical Hair and some classical music. I summarize what just happened to me and she continues to laugh at my absurdity. We decide to get lunch.

3:30 PM: I meet up with my aunt and uncle at Hymie’s after Lily leaves. We  decide go to Treehouse Records for a little bit because Hymies is just that busy. My aunt gets a bunch of good stuff there including some Janice Joplin and Bruce Springsteen (see where my wide variety in taste comes from?). I desperately look for this weird Stephen Hawkings thing that was a Record Store Day release, but can’t find it. We head back to Hymie’s to catch the last outdoor act to go on.

5:30 PM: While my uncle finds a snack, my aunt and I watch Pennyroyal’s last show at Hymie’s stage. We lament that this awesome female-fronted rock group will no longer be and my aunt specifically gets very sad because she only discovered them that day. We are enticed with the lead singer Angie Oase’s harmonica chops and awesome red pants.

6:15 PM:  I end my day with my aunt and uncle at Lotus Asian Restaurant in Loring Park, discussing music over bowls of pho. My first bowl of pho for my first record day. It all feels monumental.

9:00 PM: I end up home and ready to sleep after a long day. I get a text from my aunt and another from Lily. Both are along the lines of, “Let’s do this again,” and I text them back, “I couldn’t agree more!”

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