LIVE IN MPLS | 3/27: Walk the Moon at First Ave


by Jordan

For the first of two sold out Minnesota shows on the Talking Is Hard tour, Walk The Moon brought the 80s back to life at First Ave. Dressed in sparkly jackets, bright facepaint, and nostalgic tees bearing icons such as Michael Jackson, the band let us know that we were in some sort of colorful neon time machine for the next couple of hours.

To fit this vibrant theme, the crowd was grooved along with Talking Is Hard’s opening track “Different Colors.” The band made sure we were all along for the ride in a loving manner, singing, “We’re just different colors, we carry each other!”

The night pressed on with other new tracks such as the funky “Spend Your $$$” and the Talking-Heads-esque “Down In The Dumps.” The set brought the young crowd happily back to the dancey age their parents once thrived in. The night also brought throwbacks from the band’s first record like “Tightrope” and the slightly weak “Shiver, Shiver.”

Two of the biggest highlights of the show presented themselves back to back with “Up 2 U” (a song suitable for montages of heroes effortlessly walking away from explosions) and the upbeat “Work This Body”; a track reminiscent of Vampire Weekend. The whole crowd was up off their feet for them, enjoying every bit of the trip they were on.

As the set neared to a close, singer Nicholas Petricca wandered his hands about the synthesizer and told the crowd in an otherworldly manner to take in all of their bad energy and let it out through their fingertips. Then together we pushed our hands up to sky during the band’s empowering anthem, “I Can Lift a Car”.

Once all of our bad mojo was expelled, Walk The Moon closed the set with their catchy radio track, “Shut Up and Dance.” The ground beneath the crowd transformed into a dance floor, bringing the night’s energy to its peak.

Thankfully the Ohio natives were not gone for long. “Who likes the 80s? Who likes the 90s? Well how about 2003?” Petricca shouted to a delighted response, as they delivered a spot-on cover of The Killers’ “All These Things That I’ve Done.” Of course, the band couldn’t leave without bringing fan favorite “Anna Sun” to close the nostalgic night. It may be 2015, but it sure is fun partying in another decade and Walk The Moon proved their shows are easily the best way to do so.

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