THE LISTENER | An introduction, an assignment

by Skylar

Hello readers.

Before I go into anything that I had intended on writing, I’d like to tell you what “The Listener” is. I am a senior Psychology student with a huge involvement in music. I started “The Listener” as a music listening group, in its most basic form. It targets the essence of music that brings a listener internal freedom, peace of mind, comfort, or any sort of positive experience. As I explained at the beginning of this week’s meeting, this group is a laid back and fun environment to listen to music as well as a safe place to discuss personal connections with music (anything shared will remain confidential).

Music has always been a huge part of my life, and it has followed me through my studies of psychology. When it came time to find an internship for my senior year, I wanted to do something that I was intrinsically motivated to do, and that was something with music. I teamed up with Twin Cities Catalyst Music to create “The Listener.” Music has qualities in it that makes it highly effective for therapeutic purposes. A study done by Rebecca McClary explained that music both aids in the expression of emotions and physically involves the body in healing (2007). This information is the driving force behind “The Listener,” and it is my hope that every participant experiences this or, at the very least, a fun time listening to music.

Now, onto what this column will actually include from week to week. It will serve as a recap for anyone who misses a meeting, as well as a source of information about what we talk about, music we used, and professional research. This week’s meeting took place on Tuesday the 24th, lasted from 6-8pm, and was a laid back introductory meeting. The participants that came spent the time introducing themselves, listening to a playlist of upbeat music (I’ll include the list below), and having casual conversations about music and other topics.

The conversation this week turned into an assignment of sorts that I will extend to anyone reading this who is interested in coming to a future meeting. The challenge was simple: put together a short 3-4 song playlist of music that makes you feel free, or that gives you peace of mind, and bring it to the group to listen to and discuss. All genres of music are welcome.

With that, I invite you to listen to the songs in the playlist from this week’s meeting.

See you soon.

Song Artist
In Friends We Trust Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
Drunken Lullabies Flogging Molly
Bubble Dream Chon
Nervous In the Alley Less Than Jake
Concerning Hobbits Howard Shore / The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack
Take Me The Millenium
Whispers In the Dark Mumford & Sons
Beats to the Rhyme Run – DMC
Elevated State Champs
Icarus Lives! Periphery
Encased In Ice After the Burial
What Seems to be the Officer, Problem? Me Vs Hero


McClary, R. (2007). Healing the psyche through music, myth, and ritual. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, Volume 1 (Issue 3), Pages 155-159. doi: 10.1037/1931-3896.1.3.155

Skylar is very involved with the music scene, and sees the world through music. He’s the drummer for At Mourning’s End, facilitator of “The Listener” music group.

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