PLAYLIST | Can we click play on summer?

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by Jordan

When March rolls around in this seemingly perpetually frozen state of Minnesota, most of us need that small ray of sunshine to come and warm our frozen bones. While we could wait for that ball of fire in the sky to literally come and heat us up (which it is taking its sweet old time if you ask me), anyone from music nerds and average-joes alike could use music for a little taste of hope in what is to come.

The songs below are sure to give a breath of positivity, each in their unique ways and will put you into daydreams of enjoying the perfect Minnesota summers we have come to look forward to.

“No Room In Frame” – Death Cab For Cutie

Surprisingly, this melancholic tune from the repackaged Seattle band is the perfect piece to accompany your transition into spring. Lyrically, the track looks back on a gloomy past but when paired with its soothing musical content, it restores a sense of hopefulness. A sense of hope for the band as they move along without a founding member, for anyone who may be recovering from a lost relationship, and for you as you move away from this dismal season.


“Be Okay” – Oh Honey

The New York duo’s breakout track beautifully sings lyrics that bring so much positivity and feelings of warmer weather they offer something even sweeter than honey. Even if we can’t beat the cold, there will be no doubt that Oh Honey will help us be okay.

“I’m Good” – The Mowgli’s

This So-Cal band’s summery lick from their upcoming release Kids In Love spreads its good vibes through its gang-vocal heavy, sing-along chorus. After one listen you will be shouting, “I’m good, I’m good, I’m good” while sitting in your heated home, dreaming of the beach you’ll be occupying in a few short months.


“Naked Kids” – Grouplove

“Cruisin’ down the highway with our friends, top down, and we’re all on our way to beach.” This care free jam is filled with sounds of seagulls, oh-yeahs, and lines like the quote above that signal nothing but a good time with friends and better weather; perfect for the up-coming summertime.


“Take A Walk” – Passion Pit

This song’s poppy synths and catchy melodies are perfectly suited for well… motivation to take a walk!


“Talking Dreams” – Echosmith

This up and coming indie-pop group utilizes trance-inducing oohs mixed with 80’s synths and fuzzy guitars to make this track shine. Hopefully in turn, it brightens up your mood along with that sky of ours.


“Brand New Day” – Kodaline

So at this point maybe you have really been frozen to the core, but not to worry, here’s a little vacation! This cut from Irish-band, Kodaline takes you on journeys to far away places, as this simplistic song sings of “riding on waves, walking on sand, [and] digging in caves to find treasures of the land.”


“Waves” – Sleeper Agent

This euphoric track by Sleeper Agent, musically, carries a contradicting earthy yet electronic feel to it that transports any Minnesota native back to their childhood. You know, the times of foraging through the woods, letting your imagination run free? This one’s sure to bring a warm smile to your face.

“Shut Up and Dance” – Walk The Moon

Alright we have made it! The temperatures are on the rise, your body is teeming with happiness, so now what? Put on this insanely catchy, sing-along track by Walk The Moon and do exactly as they say; shut up and dance!


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