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“From The Garage” is Garage Music News’s column for news from The Garage venue and its staff. General announcements and press releases will be filed here. Content for “From The Garage” is reprinted as written by staff of The Garage.

From Twin Cities Catalyst Music and THE GARAGE:

First off I want to thank you all for your continued interest and support of THE GARAGE! I also want to express my thanks for being patient these last few months as we prepare to open our doors.

The staff and Board of Directors for Twin Cities Catalyst Music, the new nonprofit taking over operational control of THE GARAGE from the City of Burnsville, have been working to ensure a smooth transition. As some of you may have heard small renovations and updates have started inside the facility while the larger renovations (bathrooms, recording studio, etc.) are slated to kick off in the coming weeks.

Today, we are happy to announce Twin Cities Catalyst Music has named Bobby Kalton as the Talent Buyer for THE GARAGE. His inspired vision, collaborative spirit, and standards are the exact combination of abilities required to lead THE GARAGE into this next crucial phase. We look forward to collaborating with him in these next months and are grateful to be working with an individual who will both embrace and invigorate our community.

Thanks again for supporting THE GARAGE and Twin Cities Catalyst Music. We look forward to working with you all again soon!​​

Jack Kolb-Williams
Executive Director

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