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by Hana

You need to get through what you are going through. Some day someone, somewhere will need you. -“Smoke and Mirrors,” The Color Morale

Keep listening to music ‘cause it gets you through everything, I promise. -Mitch Lucker

Music has always been a driving force for me. I am very passionate about it and I believe music can solve or at least help people with a lot of issues. There is music that makes you feel something. Whether it is made to make you feel understood or even make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

For example there’s a song by All Time Low called “Weightless”–it’s a feel good song for me. I’ve never been into that band but the song makes me want to live my life. The music is upbeat and happy and the lyrics are about going out and experiencing life. “Maybe it’s not my weekend. But it’s gonna be my year!” They are saying that even though life isn’t going well at the moment, life will get better in time. Life is what you make it, and that living your life as if it will always be a bad situation won’t get you anywhere. You have to make your life they way you want it to be.

Lyrics can help you through your darkest days, express feelings buried deep within your mind, tell you that you’ll be okay. Music can really change your life if you let it. Speaking on a personal level, music has really influenced and impacted my life. I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be living my dream if it weren’t for music. I was dealing with a lot of stuff in my past and it took a man that I have never met and his band to give me the strength to overcome what made me weak and helped save my life. That band was Of Mice & Men.

A Of Mice & Men song that was relatable to me was “Purified.” In the song they say “I wanna be stronger than oceans. I wanna lift mountains high.” It meant a lot to hear about overcoming huge obstacles in life. It meant a lot to hear the strongest forces aren’t always strong. It meant a lot to hear I have the ability to defeat what holds me back. I expanded my music library after hearing “Purified.”

Another song I came across by Of Mice & Men is called “The Great Hendowski.” The song is relatable because they’re saying they know it’s tough but don’t give up. “You’re too young to live this way. Just look around and see life is beauty.” Of Mice & Men is telling teens that they’re too young to destroy themselves and who they are. They have to look around with clear eyes and see how life isn’t a chore but a beautiful concept.

Some bands make and produce songs for the sole purpose of helping you or to tell you they have been through hell too. Through music bands have the power and ability to tell you that you need to stay strong. To tell you life is hard but giving up should never be an option. They want you to live and grow strong.

Music will always be there for you. It will comfort you and tell you everything will be okay.

“Space Enough To Grow” by Of Mice & Men


“A Life Worth Living” by Villain of the Story


“The Great Hendowski” by Of Mice & Men


“Suicide;Stigma” by The Color Morale (Feat. Dave Stephens)


“Purified” by Of Mice & Men


“Beating the Blade” by Capture The Crown


“Sunrise” by Our Last Night


“Hearts and Flowers” by SayWeCanFly


“You’re Not Alone” by Of Mice & Men


“Somebody to Care” by Villain of the Story


“Hold On Pain Ends” by The Color Morale

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