OBSESSED | No Sleep Records: Death to False Music Tour

IMG_7296 copy

by Nikki

There are good shows, there are bad shows, and then there are some shows so hauntingly beautiful that they leave you with a feeling you cannot shake.  The No Sleep Records Death to False Music Tour with Aviator, Rescuer, and Minnesota’s own Alistair Hennessey and With Iowa In Between on October 16th, 2014 was one of these shows. Over a month later and I am still smitten with satisfaction.  I can still hear the cry of raw emotions, see the silhouettes of figures dancing about the stage, and feel the overwhelming sense of purpose that filled the room.


Aviator is an Emotional Hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts. Their No Sleep Records full length debut “Head In The Clouds, Hands In The Dirt” is out now.


Honestly emotional post-rock band Rescuer is based out of Tampa, Florida.  Their sophomore album “Anxiety Answering” was released last June on No Sleep Records.

Alistair Hennessey

Alistair Hennessey is a six piece Heavy Indie Rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Keep your eyes on the horizon for the release of their highly anticipated full length album “The House We Grew Up In”.

With Iowa In Between 

Progressive Hardcore Minnesota locals With Iowa In Between have been writing and creating beautiful and thought-provoking songs since 2012. Download their record Coexistence for free here.

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