La Dispute: When a listener takes the time to evolve


photo by Chey Rawhoof

by Hana

Low-class, good for nothing, and horrible. The first words I thought of when I discovered La Dispute.

Two years ago I was a 16-year-old stuck-up “scene” kid who was only interested in heavy music and vocals. Anything with singing in it was poison to me. Then one day I was sitting in class and saw a girl, who I thought was pretty cool and had a similar taste in music as I did, wearing a La Dispute T-shirt. I decided to give them a listen. I heard the most awful vocals, and misguided music. I don’t think I even make it past the one minute mark on the song. At that moment I was committed to never listen to them again. I would see their lyrics on social media sites and always rolled my eyes. I would see was their name and scroll past.

As people grow and mature their taste in music tends to change a bit. I ran out of new bands to listen to and asked a friend, who suggested La Dispute. I told him there was no chance in hell and continued my rant of how and why I hated them. He simply said for me to just give them a chance, and to listen to their song “Such Small Hands.” As soon as the song started playing through my headphones I thought I would hate it. I did at first, but I heard the message behind the lyrics and everything was put into perspective for me. I really connected to this song and the lyrics.

“I think I saw you in my sleep, darling /  I think I saw you in my dreams, you were stitching up the seams on every broken promise that your body couldn’t keep / I think I saw you in my sleep.”

I connected to the lyrics rather personally. To me the lyrics stood out for talking about how someone tried to fix broken promises that were made, but was only a dream. I could really relate to this. Once a promise is broken it can never be fixed.

La Dispute changed something in me, I discovered a new outlook on life. I felt understood in a way that I haven’t before. For example, “Everybody wants a reason for everything. It’s so much easier with someone or something to blame.”

This particular line really hit home with me because I had always blamed all my problems on others instead of on myself and how my brain is wired. Yeah, the bands I had normally listened to made me feel understood, but only as a scared and lonely teeenager suffering from severe depression and anxiety. La Dispute made me feel understood as a human, as an adult who has dealt with many things in the past.

The lyrics aren’t the only things that I connected with. I connected to the pain and strain in the vocalist’s voice, and the rhythms of the music itself. It is a bit indescribable of how this band, their lyrics and music, changed my perspective on life. They gave me the push to change, not for others but for myself. That is probably the greatest thing a band could do for a person.


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