PLAYLIST | Poetic Inspiration: “Verse at the Stone Arch Bridge”


by Sararosa

I have a lot of strong feelings about Minneapolis–especially concerning our music scene and the unrecognized beauty of this place. A lot of people complain about the winter months and the people and the hot spots. Even I am known to complain very loudly at my bus stop about the ice on the sidewalk that I fall on almost every day, every winter.

But even though our winters suck, and even though Rock the Garden comes once a year, I love this frigid place. This feeling especially shows its face when I listen to Jeremy Messermsmith’s album, The Silver City.

The poem that follows was inspired by the album, and many of my other favorite local songs. So read it, and try to love this awesome place, because if you pay attention, those Mississippi bridges aren’t actually frowning, they are just smiling upside down.

“Verse at the Stone Arch Bridge”

You’re a silver fish

of a city, swimming

through Mississippi veins.

You’re a creature born

of northern air and rust,

of winter winds, of aching wood,

of Norse myths,

and tall tales,

of the hazel ground,

and of

its sapling trees


And in your

empty months,

there’s something

whole about the

glass broken notes

that echo off

downtown streets.


stack themselves

like tombstones,

metal shivering



You know

the winter present

in our skin;

the buds blooming

in our bones

of spring. The sliver

of summer moons

in our eyes, dark as

a netted sky,

the breathe

of leaves

in fall winds.

Oh Minneapolis,

your breathe

is a song

of the seasons

within us.

You smile at us

shivering, you are

an arching dancer

of a bridge.

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