PREVIEW | My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way back in September with solo record


by Lyndsey

My Chemical Romance, for those who don’t know, were one of the kings of the alternative rock scene during the 2000’s. They sold out arenas worldwide and have millions of fans. They released 6 albums, including May Death Never Stop You, which was put out this March, a year after they broke up. Now, ex-frontman Gerard Way is releasing his own album which is called Hesitant Alien.

One of their most popular songs was, and still is, “Welcome to the Black Parade,” released in 2006 on The Black Parade.

As you can hear and see, the lyrics and aesthetic are very dark, masking the true intentions behind it. The Black Parade, and every other album by them, is been about hope, healing, and the strength to keep running forward (e.g.: “I am not afraid to keep on living / I am not afraid to walk this world alone.”). MCR strived to save the downtrodden and misunderstood.

Since My Chemical Romance’s breakup in early 2013, the question on every fan’s mind has been: what’s next? Gerard Way has been keeping a low profile in the music world since then, but he’s diving back in on September 30th.

Hesitant Alien is the name and music is the game. Fans of MCR who are used to hard hitting lyrics packed with angst may be hard pressed to find the same aesthetic in the new album. Way has done some soul searching and growing up since the split. He wants to have fun, but there won’t be the same vibe as even the lightest of MCR albums.


Lola, Way’s mascot, seems to be reminiscent of The Wonder Years’s Hank. Both characters represent what the band is trying to convey. Hank being just regular and average, and Lola being this bright pink, out-there monkey. From what we’ve heard so far, Hesitant Alien is a bright beacon of things to come. It represents hope and excitement for the future.

Lyrics from Way’s new song, “Action Cat,” seem to sum up what I’m trying to say: “We want action and decision that we can’t fake. We got firecracker wishes that we can make.”

“Action Cat” combines the three types of time: past, present, and future. “We have battles in the dark when she falls asleep,” represents Way’s past. Since Way was in his teens, he has been fighting alcoholism, drug addiction, and depression. These lyrics seem to speak of the hours when you’re the only one awake, and you struggle against your own mind.

“Every accidental damage that I wouldn’t take. Every heart I left behind that you couldn’t break,” is the present. He is leaving behind a massive part of his life and moving on.

“We got firecracker wishes that we can make,” represents the future. “Rockstar” was never Way’s first choice for a job; his true passion has always been comic books. Since My Chemical Romance’s split, he has had more time to focus on that childhood dream of his, and I think he’s really happy about that.

“Do you miss me? Cause I miss you.” This is a message to the other former members of MCR and the MCR fanbase. He hasn’t forgotten about any of them and never will, but he is following his own new path, and that is truly electrifying.


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