PROFILE | William Beckett: The artist is…


by Emma

Nowadays it’s hard to come by genuine talent matched with a genuine personality. William Beckett happens to possess both. With charming looks, catchy songs and dedication to his fans, Beckett is truly great.

He began his rise to fame heading the pop punk band The Academy Is…. The band took off, gaining a reputation as pioneers of emo punk. Befriending bands Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco, The Academy Is… became a favorite among pop punk listeners. Their spunky sound and Beckett’s raw vocals set the band apart. In 2009 the band split and Beckett set off on a solo career. With this new branch of his career Beckett tied the familiar themes of loud pop rock, newer themes of raw, singer-songwriter type music, and even a poppier sound with three EPs.

These EPs tease fans by giving a slight taste of what Beckett is working on and builds excitement for a full length album. They landed Beckett a record deal with Equal Vision Records in February 2013. With the help of the record label–and to the delight of fans–he released his highly anticipated debut solo full-length album in the summer of 2013, Genuine and Counterfeit. The new album tied all the diverse sounds of his three EPs. He melds pop punk and singer songwriter genres together to create a well crafted album critics fall in love with. As Ryan Gardner states on; “With Genuine & Counterfeit, Beckett proves yet again – and this time all on his own – that he should be a household name in pop music”.

It’s clear William put a great amount of effort into Genuine and Counterfeit. He incorporates personal themes with his song “Just You Wait”, written for his sister, a soft, raw song led with strong a guitar. When introducing this song at shows William describes the troubles his sister faced when struggling with depression and anxiety. He goes on to express that he wishes this song had been written during the time she needed it most. Instead, he says, it’s here now for his fans when they need it most. With touching lyrics, “No one else seems to have it this hard, no one else has to cover these scars”, and the repeated “It gets better girl just you wait,” this song–like many of Beckett’s–contains deep, personal lyrics.

Along with his many talents Beckett holds a special place in his heart for his fans. He proves himself an amazing artist.

Beckett will be in Minneapolis at Mill City Nights September 27.


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