LIVE AT THE GARAGE | 7/27: Our Last Night, Set It Off, Heartist, Stages and Stereos, Remo Drive


review by Hana

photos by Kelsey and Genna

video by Rico and Andrew

I went in only liking one band on “The Come Alive” tour and come out appreciating the others as well. From a local band called Remo Drive to the co-headliners Our Last Night and Set It Off, each band put all their energy into their performances. From mosh pits, to screaming fans, to a circle pit, and stage diving. Every moment was alive.

The local band Remo Drive had started off a bit shy, but slowly got more comfortable. Despite hiccups during their act, like frequent tuning, with their amazing energy and love of being on stage, they have the ability.

Stages & Stereos and Heartist both had great energy and loved interacting with the crowd. One thing that really stood out was Evan Ranallo, the bassist of Heartist, was headbanging really hard. His long flowing hair made it feel as if it were a metal show. I had listened to a few songs by Heartist and Stages & Stereos, but it was during the show when they really sounded amazing at the show. During Heartist’s set their vocalist Bryce Beckley mentioned that their debut full length album Feeding Fiction will be released August 12th of this year, so keep a look out for it. Stages & Stereos isn’t really my scene but if you’re into All Time Low or We The Kings definitely check them out.

I was mostly excited to see Our Last Night get on stage and play their set. I was amazed by them, their set nearly perfect. I listened to some of their songs a few days before the tour hit Burnsville. They were mostly acoustic and only had a few heavy vocals if any. But what I discovered on Sunday was that Trevor Wentworth, Our Last Night’s lead vocalist, goes pretty hard on stage and throws down some sick screams. They lit some incense which gave it a relaxed vibe and a familiar presence as soon as they walked out on stage. Even with a laid back feel they got pretty crazy. Trevor Wentworth reminded me of the great Jason Butler of Letlive [Ed. note: photos from Letlive’s show at THE GARAGE] as he climbed speakers and jumped around on stage, pouring his heart into the set. It was by far the best set I’ve ever seen from any band. They even played a few covers including “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry and they brought up lead singer, Cody Carson of Set It Off, and performed “Bye Bye Bye” originally by NSYNC.

I didn’t expect much from Set It Off. I thought they were a Fall Out Boy wannabe band. But I grew to understand them, their sound and what they stood for. They have more talent than I gave them credit for. Cody Carson, Set It Off’s vocalist, was very active with the crowd. He was constantly in the crowd, holding their hands and singing directly to screaming fans. Also, the tour teamed up with Hope For The Day, a non profit organization and movement committed to suicide prevention through music and other art forms. This movement seemed to mean a lot to Set It Off and the other bands as well. I had only liked one band in particular before seeing the show, but I after seeing them all play I left liking them all, not just as musicians but as people as well.

I guess the moral is a band may not be what you think or expect them to be. Every band stands for something, whether it is something you don’t believe in or something very near and dear to your heart. You’ll never really know until you give them a chance to speak. The message of “The Come Alive” tour was to not give up, that there is always hope. To come alive through music. Your life is worth it, even if it doesn’t seem like it right now. “You can make it to the sunrise.”






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