DIY | Five ways to promote your band


photo by Kelsey

by Keenan

The most important thing to every local or even national show is the crowd. You can have the most amazing line-up of bands, most expensive gear and the potential to sell-out the venue, but it’ll all go to waste if you don’t get the consumer to your show.

How do you get people to go to your show? One word: promotion.

If you’re in a band, the only way to get a good turnout and get people to hear your work is by promotion.

So what are some easy ways to promote your band?


1. Presales.

So, the show promoter comes to you asking to play a show for them. He tells you, you have to sell presale tickets to play the show. Sell them. There’s no better way to ensure people go to your show than to have them pay for something they haven’t even gone to yet! Not to mention most venues pay you for presale sales.



2. Posters.

If the venue you’re playing for has a commercial poster for the show you’re playing, ask them to print some off for you. Even if you have to pay for them, the easiest way to let people know is by putting posters in random places like stores or parks to get the word of mouth out there. If the venue doesn’t have posters, then make them yourselves, all it takes is Photoshop and a industrial printer… Yeah or have a local company do it.

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3. Go to other shows and venues.

Say there’s a big show coming with music like yours, and there’s a huge line outside the front door beforehand, why not try to talk to people about your show, bring presales and sell tickets is one of the most efficient ways to promote.



4. Make demos.

So you got visuals down, now get some audio in there and create a 1-3 song demo. Demos are usually inexpensive and will get your music out there fast. There are dozens of studios right in the Minneapolis area that would love to record a quick demo for your band. And because it doesn’t have to be a full size record with perfect masters, you can get one done for cheap. Once you’ve finished your demo, simply burn them on CD’s, write your band’s name and even slip in a paper with your upcoming events, and give them away to get the most out of your band experience.



5. Facebook.

Twitter, Reddit, Bandcamp, etc. etc. Social media is how we communicate, it’s how we of the younger generation live…sadly…but it has its perks. Social media is now the number one way to advertise. Create social media accounts for your band, so show promoters like myself can find your band, see how popular you are, and easily find out what kind of music you play. Once you have successfully become a hit on your sites, with one click you can let everyone know about upcoming events, music, photoshoots, and much more. Social media is the key, everyone in music uses it, and it’s how you can get yourself out there as well.


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