Top 10 Metal Albums


Wondering what your next listen should be? Or maybe where to start your metal listening?


by Sam


#10: The War of Art by American Head Charge

Genre: Industrial metal

 Length: 67 minutes

Standout Track: “A Violent Reaction”

“The riffs are unbeatable on this album and the screaming vocals are in key.”



#9: Spell Eater by Huntress

Genre: Thrash metal

Length: 43 minutes

Standout Track: “Sleep and Death”

“This album is filled with original thrash metal riffs and the songs feature a singer capable of spanning four octaves.”



#8: Reunion (Live) by Black Sabbath

Genre: Heavy metal

Length: 107 minutes

Standout Track: “Spiral Architect”

“You just can’t get better than Black Sabbath. Riffs upon riffs fill this album to the brim.”


CD Folder

#7: Event Horizon by I Am I

Genre: Power metal

Length: 45 minutes

Standout Track: “Silent Genocide”

“The fluid lead guitar and the high-pitched vocals make this a standout record.”



#6: Dear Agony by  Breaking Benjamin

Genre: Alternative metal

Length: 41 minutes

Standout Track: “Dear Agony”

“The melodic element, coupled with aggressive riffs land this album at a solid #6.



#5: From Them, Through Us, to You by Madina Lake

Genre: Post-hardcore

Length: 48 minutes

Standout Track: “One Last Kiss”

“The first-person lyrics, the pounding drums and the rocking guitars land this album in the Top 5.”



#4: Inhuman Rampage by DragonForce

Genre: Power metal

Length: 56 minutes

Standout Track: “Operation Ground and Pound”

“The album features a perfect balance of high-pitched and unclean vocals, while every song features shredding guitar.”



#3:Through the Eyes by Flaw

Genre: Nu metal

Length: 61 minutes

Standout Track: “Inner Strength”

“The down-tuned guitars and the heartfelt lyrics are what make this album great.”



#2Tyrants of the Rising Sun by Arch Enemy 

Genre: Melodic death metal

Length: 87 minutes

Standout Track: “Dead Eyes See No Future”

“This album is filled with inhuman screaming and shredding guitars, making it a must-have for all death-metalheads.”



#1: A Voice Within by Intervals

Genre: Progressive metal

Length: 49 minutes

Standout Track: “Siren Sound”

“This album lands the #1 spot for the way it blends clean vocals with aggressive riffs and cleanly-played leads.”

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