LIVE AT THE GARAGE | 3/7: Farraday, The Promise Hero, Through Love and Lies, Tuxedo Seagull, and Downstairs Attic


review and photos by Meghan

video by Rico

The show Friday, March 7th was a pop punk/alternative show consisting of five bands and a crowd that never once stopped moving.

First up was Downstairs Attic, an alternative band whose singer had a soothing, almost jazz-like voice. That, combined with the band’s music, had the whole crowd dancing with such great energy. They all took turns rotating instruments throughout the set, which made it more of a show for the audience. Their set was the perfect way to start out the night and was a new change from how pop punk/alternative is typically thought to be.

Second was Tuxedo Seagull, a pop punk/alternative/rock band who had a similar sound to the Arctic Monkeys and later Green Day. They had fun throughout their entire performance, cracking jokes and telling everyone to check out their Soundcloud that has free downloads of all their music.

Through Love and Lies came up next, and from the moment they stepped on stage until they walked off, they jumped around and made sure everyone in the audience was having just as much fun as they were.

Fourth was The Promise Hero, a pop punk/pop/acoustic band from Cleveland, OH. For a few of their acoustic songs, they had Jamie Woolford come up to help them perform.

The last act, Farraday, is an alternative pop band from Chicago, IL. They started their set off with a dramatic entrance of classical music playing while the screen was down. The second the screen was raised they were ready and they instantly started playing. The singer told us all how the first show he ever played was at THE GARAGE thirteen years ago and how because of that he’s always felt at home here. Their set was very high energy and had everyone dancing and having fun, even those who’d never seen them before. The whole night was full of fun and enjoyment from everyone who was there and Farraday was the perfect way to wrap up the night.

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