LIVE AT THE GARAGE | 3/6: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Disciple, The Phoenix Philosophy, more


review by Andrew and Kelsey

photos by Kelsey

video by Andrew and Rico

This past Thursday, March 6, American alternative rock band The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus stopped by THE GARAGE to tear things up a bit. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus put on a show that appealed to some of their most dedicated fans while giving the newest members of the audience a perfect taste. Opening with some earlier material, including “Atrophy” from their first LP Don’t You Fake It, the crowded main room pulsed with the energy of long-time fans. Lead singer, Ronnie Winter, determined to give his listeners an unforgettable show then pulled out some material from the band’s earliest days.

The sounds of the night ranged from a beautiful acoustic performance of “Your Guardian Angel”, to“Face Down”, the final song of the set, in a tumult of thrashing guitar and passionate vocals.

Videos of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus performing  “Atrophy” and “Your Guardian Angel” on Thursday can be found on THE GARAGE’s Youtube Channel and below.

In addition was a solid line-up playing both the main and lounge stage.  Along with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Disciple, were Failure Meets Fame, 21 To Win, 7th Ascent, Tepetricy, The Phoenix Philosophy, This December, 2 Timothy, Stoked Beyond Boredom, The Way Away, and Couriers.

I (Kelsey) always like attending shows like that because there is never any down time; bands were always playing. One of my photos shows The Way Away playing, lit with blue lights on the right side of the photo, with a reflection of Blayne, lead singer of Tepetricy, lit in red on the left side of the photo.

The Red Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Disciple have been bands for 10+ years. This brought in a diverse all ages crowd. There were fans that listened to these bands probably back in high school and other fans that are currently in high school. It was great to see these fans come together for a great show. Disciple was a heavier band with a great message. The singer talked about his love for his children, how important it is to love and have those who love you in your life. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus got everyone off their feet with their recognizable older songs and unknown new songs.




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