LIVE AT THE GARAGE | 3/2: We Are The In Crowd, Set It Off, William Beckett, State Champs & Candy Hearts


by Kelsey

video by Rico

We Are The In Crowd played a much-anticipated show this past Sunday presented by the Varsity Theater. It was the first show they have played in the Twin Cities area since Vans Warped Tour in 2012 and “Reunion Tour” is their first headlining. Even though they just released their album Weird Kids a couple of weeks ago, the crowd was already singing along to the album’s songs. Also playing at the show were Candy Hearts, State Champs, Set It Off, and William Beckett.

All of the musicians were enjoying themselves on stage and made a successful effort to connect with their fans. William Beckett made funny jokes and talked about self-harm not being the answer. Cody, lead singer of Set It Off, knelt down to eye-level with the front row to sing with them. Tay, lead singer of WATIC, actually jumped into the crowd and performed. These are things that make a show unforgettable to the musicians and fans.

Kelsey is the owner of and photographer for 2View Photography, and is an aspiring tour photographer. She photographs regularly from Iowa to Minneapolis. Find more of Kelsey’s work at and


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