MANHATTAN MOSAIC | Mixtape: Sweet Valley high on talent

Manhattan Mosaic

by Rachael

Never have I experienced such an utter lack of motivation and inspiration. I am physically and mentally drained. Thank you, common cold. There has, however, been one thing to pull me out of my headache-y, running nosed, blanket burrito existence these past two weeks. That blessing would be the new Sweet Valley* mixtape, “So Serene,” available free on their bandcamp.

“So Serene” may technically only be one track, but it lasts for over twenty-seven transformative minutes. It’s not cohesive like a song, or coherent like an album. “So Serene” really feels like the soundscape to some trippy art piece my roommate would make, no doubt involving frantic aliens. It even includes a bit of a cameo from Larry David at 19:07. This track is perfect background music for writing, painting, cleaning, lounging on a sick day, and essentially in any situation in which you are allowed background music.

Check it out. Try it out. It is free, after all.


*For those who don’t know, Sweet Valley is an electronic duo, founded by brothers Nathan (Wavves) and Kynan Williams. They have three additional albums out; all of which are also available for download on the group’s bandcamp.
Editors note: For more on Nathan Williams’ band Wavves, check out Rachael’s report and photos from a New York Wavves show:

MANHATTAN MOSAIC | Wavves in New York with photos!


by Rachael

Walking into Irving Plaza this past Friday was like running into a nest of frightened skunks. Dank. Not to mention the adorably crusty little fiend running around and screeching “WAVVES” in people’s faces a solid three hours before their set was due. What more can you expect from a surf rock show featuring songs such as “Weed Demon” and “Alone & Stoned”? It was a night of firsts: my first Wavves show, my first Irving Plaza show, my first New York show. READ MORE…

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