LIVE AT THE GARAGE | Review, Pix, Vid 2/8: Zero, Painting Stars, High Hopes, more


Review and photos by Meghan

Video by Rico

This past Saturday’s event, Rawk the Winter Away, was a pop punk/punk rock themed show. A total of six local bands performed here who brought in a relatively small rotating audience stopping in to check out the acts throughout the night.

One of my favorite performances of the night was Painting Stars, an acoustic band who played THE GARAGE last month as well. They’re a unique acoustic band to me because although there is a lead vocalist, all four members of the band sing even if it’s just joining in on a chorus here and there.

The band Let Yourself Go, a pop punk group, had a special treat for the audience. After their first few songs, the band’s guitar player told us all how he worked at a little cupcake bakery shop and he brought along one cupcake for the member in the crowd who yelled the loudest in their next song to get it (that person who did manage to get it was me – it was delicious). It was a very cool way to get a crowd excited and to raise the noise level.

By the time it got to the headlining group, Zero, the crowd was getting pretty energetic, all jumping around, singing the songs they knew, and moshing. The entire performance was fun, even if this was the first time hearing them. They joked around and talked to the crowd between songs and talked about their newest music video.

All together, the night was a blast and if you’re a fan of pop punk or acoustic bands and you didn’t make it to the show, you missed out. Luckily enough for you, you can still check out all the artists on Facebook, all linked on the Rawk the Winter Away event page.

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