MANHATTAN MOSAIC | A whole lotta rock, a whole lotta roll, a whole lotta bizarre

Manhattan Mosaic

by Rachael

Full Disclosure : This post can not possibly do my week justice.

Last Wednesday and Thursday were uneventful. Enjoyable, but uneventful. My school was canceled, and Wednesdays are my most stressful days of class. Thursdays are my days off, so I had two lazy days in a row.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 5.02.32 AM

Friday was when everything picked up. They say that without experiencing bad, you won’t appreciate the good. Well I had a horrendous morning surrounded by inept people and appalling medical bills, followed by a night out with great friends, pizza, and Macaulay Culkin. That’s right, as in Home Alone Macaulay Culkin, and his new pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band, The Pizza Underground.

Immediately after class we took off for the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. It’s a free bazaar featuring artists, jewelry and clothing lines, unique food, concerts, and even a man who sells framed portraits of puppets.


We arrived at 7PM only to find out that the Pizza Underground wasn’t going to perform until midnight, so we shopped, shopped, and reshopped, until finally Anchovy Warhol graced the stage to let everyone know that the Pizza Underground was here. They lined up in their all black outfits and nonchalance, using a pizza box for percussion and Macaulay kicking out a kazoo solo. Bazaar indeed.


Saturday I ended up sleeping until about 4PM, just in time to get ready and head off for the bizarre bazaar once more. Even getting dressed was a struggle, because how do you dress when you’re seeing an 70’s R&B Soul singer, then immediately going to a David Bowie themed “ExtravaGLAMza?” We all decided to wear our Extravaglamza outfits, but we saved the Bowie makeup for after the show. So who is this 70’s style R&B singer? Minnesota’s own Har Mar Superstar, fresh off of his performance at 89.3 The Current’s Birthday Party. When I saw Har Mar, Sean, walking around I thought I’d go up and say hey. We did go to the same arts high school after all. While he showed off his musical ability, I showed off my visual arts.


(Pretty impressive, right?)

Every opener was enjoyable, especially Not Blood Paint. Then it was time for Har Mar Superstar at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. As he performed, layer after layer was stripped from his Ron Jeremy-esque body, but no matter how the audience pleaded, he kept his pants on. I still can’t figure out how anyone can stand still while listening to him, especially live. His music is loud, it’s vibey, it’s groovy, it’s fun.


Unknowingly, the Bowie Extravaglamza was within walking distance of the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. There was Bowie karaoke, Bowie haircuts, Bowie makeovers, and an iPhone made David Bowie music video. It was a loft full of Glam Bowies, Lightning Bolt Bowies, Metal Bowies, Labyrinth Bowies, and me, Third-Eye Bowie.


After a long weekend out, we all decided to keep it cool on Sunday. Mandy and I even went out to a yoga class and got smoothies. Then Monday meant back to school, which I was actually excited for because I was beginning my new class. It’s called Cut-and-Paste Media and I absolutely love it. Collage focused, but not in the conventional way. We’re making manipulations, sculptures, videos, and soundscapes, and I can’t wait.

post modern

Then came Tuesday, fairly dull, until it was time for me to write this week’s column. I went on Twitter quickly, as always, except when I got to my connect page I saw something awfully unexpected.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 10.01.16 PM

That’s right, I won two tickets to the Book of Mormon on Broadway, and it was fantastic, and hysterical, and satirical, and gorgeous, and I had goosebumps the entire time.


Wrapping up my week, I took a train directly to Brooklyn for my Glassblowing class, and I made a bell jar. A BELL JAR. (I still get very excited about Glassblowing.)


(Bell jar not pictured because it’s still in the studio.)

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