LIVE AT THE GARAGE | Review, Pix, Video 1/26: The Color Morale, For All I Am, more

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Review and photos by Meghan

Video by Rico

From Sunday’s show put on by Leo Presents featuring The Color Morale, For All I Am, City Of The Weak, From Concept to Chronicle, At Mourning’s End, Boy On A Bike, Foundations, Chug Chug Wob, Trust These Words, Anchors Below The Abyss, This December, and Ithomiid.

Sunday’s show was an exciting metal- and punk rock-packed night full of twelve exciting acts that kept everyone on their feet. The majority of the bands that played were local ones that come in and play at THE GARAGE often. I think it’s such a cool thing when big shows like this incorporate little local bands and everyone supports them along with the big names.

One of the bands I thought was really unique was At Mourning’s End, this metal band with a female screamer and a male clean vocalist. They had an intense set keeping the crowd moving more and more with each song which is very fun to see. City of the Weak was another group I thought was different with a pop punk/punk rock combo. Their music was so different from most other bands, but at the same time they’re definitely a group that you could easily listen to no matter what music you like.

One of my favorite local bands that plays often at THE GARAGE is Chug Chug Wob who played Sunday as well. If their name isn’t enough reason to check them out, they’re a metalcore band that sounds like some of the early Attack Attack (they’ve even been known to cover a few of Attack Attack’s earlier stuff). They’re a fun band that’s enjoyable whether or not you’re a huge fan of metal and I highly recommend them.

And finally, The Color Morale played. The crowd went insane from the moment singer Garret Rapp stepped out on the stage until after they finished their three encore songs. There was a mosh pit throughout the show and the crowd kept pushing forward to the stage to try and get closer to the band. Everyone was singing the lyrics of the songs as loud as they could, it almost drowned out Garret singing them. If you’re not already a huge fan of Garret’s, he did an interview after the show in which he talked about how much he loves venues like THE GARAGE for offering teens a place where everyone is welcomed and given a chance to belong (find the interview here). He talked about how hard writing their third album was for him and how much he wanted to quit, yet he kept working on it and now he says this album has created a purpose and a resolution in the things he’s gone through and why they had to happen.

Even if you’ve never heard of Garret or The Color Morale before seeing this interview, you can easily tell they’re a unique band in so many ways and how all the members have stayed true to themselves through the fame. Sunday’s show was a great show with an energetic crowd that never slowed down or stopped moving once.

The Color Morale – “Know Hope” Promo


The Color Morale – “Hopes Anchor” acoustic

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