Manhattan Mosaic

by Rachael

Well here I am, back again like The Angel Maker in Criminal Minds, or maybe Slim Shady; I suppose it depends on my mood.

It was a justified avalanche of a hiatus. First, I took the week off for Thanksgiving. Then I took the week off for finals. Then I took a series of weeks off because I was in Minnesota. Last week I simply goofed. And now here I am, all this time later, back in New York City, as an unemployed full time art student.

When we left off, I was quitting my job and prepping for finals. Let me tell you, they don’t call it Hell Week for nothing. I estimate my sleep at an average of two hours a night and potentially one meal a day. Two papers, one photo series, one handmade book, and one giant drawing later, I finished my first semester with all A’s and the desperate urge to eat hot dish. I went home, did Minnesota things, did holiday things, did GARAGE things, badabing badaboom, back in Manhattan.

Upon my return, I began spewing cover letters and applications out the wazoo trying to get a new job. Thus far it has been to no avail. I immediately decided that if I were to be poor, I would at least be productive. I’ve been drawing more than ever (maybe you’ll get to see some if you’re lucky), I’m taking an extra class (Glassblowing, how cool is that??), I bought real groceries (Kool-Aid counts as real food), I’m going to yoga weekly (pay-what-you-can classes), and I’m transitioning to the New York local scene by checking out some of the free shows and open mics in Brooklyn (to be discussed next week).

Until then, I’ll be praying for snow days and call backs.

UPDATE: Snow Day achieved!

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