iPOD ABROAD | Awake and curious

ipod abroad

by Sararosa

I have a confession. I love long plane rides, and even if my friends are tired of me saying this, my plane ride to Israel leaves in 5 days. Just like my unpopular opinion on soggy cornflakes (I love them), my love for long plane rides may seem weird at firsT, but let me explain.

Long plane rides are exciting. Though the air is stale and the complimentary drinks are small, there’s something comforting about knowing you are going across the world. It’s not normal comfort, it ignites a curiosity in you. Within that curiosity of entering a new place, somehow you find home, whether it’s within yourself or with the people you meet, or within the places you go. The playlist that I created for this post will help keep that curiosity going, because even if I love long plane rides, once I’m in the air, I fall asleep. I want to keep my curiosity awake, so even if I’m dozing I’ll find home in the sunrise out the window from the plane.


“Ghost” by Jeremy Messersmith

The way this song builds with it’s guitar and drums reminds me of all the excitement that rises inside of me as a plane lifts off. Too bad they don’t allow electronics to be on then because

I’d totally be listening to this.


“Someone Great” by LCD Soundsystem 

 Another song that builds like my excitement does, I love how this one blends with the first. They kind of meld together like time does on a ten hour flight.


“Old Pine” by Ben Howard (Ianborg Remix)

Like I said before, I always fall asleep on planes. This remix is very soothing, and all the echoey voices lull me to rest my head back on the seat, and just clothes my eyes.


“Breezleblocks” by Alt-J 

A song to pass the time, whether I’m writing, or reading, or getting to know my other travelers, this song gives me enough energy to do these things.


“Come With Me/Bo’I” by the Idan Rachel Project 

This song by an Israeli-Ethiopian group will hopefully be the first of many Israeli songs to be featured on this column. The lyrics mean,”come, give me your hand and let’s go.” I see this as all the opportunities that await me in Israel reaching out and saying, “bo’i.” Come.


“Tonight’s the Kind of Night” by Noah and the Whale

“Tonight’s the kind of night, that everything could change!” These lyrics are my motto for my flight which leaves at 10 PM on Sunday, the 26th. So much can happen and I’m so excited.


There’s a Jewish custom of saying, “Next year in Jerusalem.” at the end of important holidays. I can’t believe that last year when I said it, I actually would be going.

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