LIVE AT THE GARAGE | Review & Video 1/10: Shee-Rah


Review by Andrew

Video by Rico and Andrew

One of the local bands you need to see live this year is Shee-Rah. From groovy beats with funky bass-riffs, to shredding guitar solos and Mariah Mercedes’s unforgettable vocals, Shee-Rah gave THE GARAGE an experience Friday that left everyone moving to the pulse of Blake Huebl’s stellar drumming.

This is one show where the band seemed to have just as much fun as the listeners. The set started off with a surge as Shee-Rah greeted the audience with a wave of smooth tones and soft vocals, soon followed by many delightful jam sessions. After one of

Claire Altendahl’s killer guitar solos, some of band members started to switch instruments: moving from bass to guitar to drums all in the course of a few minutes. Everyone waited eagerly to see how each member would perform in their new role, and there was no disappointment.

Shee-Rah definitely knows how to keep a show moving: every second seemed to produce a new smile on listeners’ faces–not one solo was left un-shredded and not one beat without funk. With their knack for entertaining performances and impressive musical prowess, Shee-Rah is undoubtedly one band I would encourage everyone to see soon.


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