Astronautalis geared for Jan. 11 show with Sims at THE GARAGE


We’re honored and excited to be hosting Astronautalis, Sims, and other special guests for the To the Bridge Foundation and the Minnesota Music Coalition’s January 11 concert at THE GARAGE to raise awareness about substance abuse.

Yesterday, To the Bridge posted a piece about the show and Astronautalis’s connection to what he called a “modern plague.”

A musician long noted for his live performing prowess and freestyle flows, Bothwell has spent plenty of his career on tour over the past decade. In an industry long tied to substance abuse that has brought him face-to-face with people struggling with addiction.

“Some issues is an understatement,” Bothwell said when asked about the historical tie between the music industry and substance abuse. “I’ve had no shortage of friends that have – and continue to have – issues with it. It doesn’t make me an expert, but it makes me another person that has gone through seeing it like everyone else.”

That connection is part of what spurred Bothwell to partner with the Twin Cities-based nonprofit, To The Bridge Foundation, and its third annual benefit concert on Jan. 11 at The Garage in Burnsville.

Bothwell’s performance will headline a night of live music and raising awareness of substance abuse. All the event’s proceeds will go toward supporting To the Bridge Foundation’s mission of providing assistance to people in recovery while helping them move into the next stage of their lives.

Read the entire piece at To the Bridge Foundation’s site.

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