LIVE IN MPLS | Review & Photos 12/12: All-ages Doomtree Blowout 9 at the Triple Rock Social Club


Photos by Meghan

Review by Sararosa

When I got into line at the Triple Rock Club  this past Thursday for an all-ages Doomtree Blowout, I did not expect to see a kid about the age of three dressed in one of those snowsuits with gloves attached, trailing along behind his dad in the snow. You never really know what to expect at an all ages show here in the Twin Cities because there aren’t many, and though that sight surprised me, the show didn’t. The best word I can use to describe the night is “royal.” Doomtree has an album called No Kings, but after this show the group deserves to be crowned.

They came onto stage bathed in green light and the first words the band uttered to their royal guests were, “Welcome to the blowout!” As if it were a large feast, the crowd cheered, and the night surged on into its beginnings with the song “Low Light Low Life.”

I have this theory about all ages crowds, that since they carry such a raw, unformed energy, they will mirror what the band does on stage. When a band is high energy like Doomtree, the result can be amazing, and so it was. When members/DJ’s Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger flopped up and down like skeletons to one of my favorite Doomtree songs, “No Way,” the crowd rose up jumping, like manic zombies (if there were to ever be a thing). Before beginning the next song, Cecil Otter exclaimed to the crowd, “I wrote this one for all your pets. I do research on my fan base!” With the connection between crowd and band so intense, maybe Cecil actually did some research. POS even addressed the crowd’s movement with, “looks like this crowd is wiggling!”

Dessa used the small venue to her advantage, often leaning in to the crowd as if she were telling a story to a group of school children. The crowd responded positively, dazed by her intense eyes and storytelling through her raps. Her voice was a warm gust of air on a very cold winter night, and up there singing many of the hooks in Dessa’s songs was Abby Wolf, who’s rich voice swirled around like a glass of milk. Dessa would mouth the words to her bandmates’ verses in many of the songs when she wasn’t singing, kind of like a rapping Hermione Granger. At one point I heard some guys in front of me yell” You’re so hot!” at her.  About a minute later, some girls shouted at her again, but this time regarding the boys’ remarks, “We respect you, Dessa!” Only at a Doomtree concert would that happen. My favorite song she performed was definitely “Dixon’s Girl” which also seemed to be a crowd favorite.

Doomtree ended on an emotional, united note with fan favorites, “Little Mercy,” “Bangarang,” and an encore,”Team the Best Team.” Grouped on the stage like little kids planning a prank, the band looked as united as ever.  In the ending moments, maybe they weren’t totally royals, but instead they were the “Bangarang Gang.” The goofy, satisfied smiles on their faces told me that that’s all they ever needed to be.

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