LIVE AT THE GARAGE | 11/24: Apollos (in Action!) with The Way Away, Mindpulse, and more


Review by Chaos

Photos by Andrew

November 24th was a night destined for local rockers Apollos to own through grit, resourcefulness, and determination. [Read more of our Apollos coverage here.] After the nationally touring band, Hello Highway, was unfortunately forced to cancel this show, among others in the Midwest, the promise of headlining a heavily promoted act danced in front of Apollos’ faces for the whole week before their big night. Ready to go and gear packed tight, they faced travel problems of their own, concerning a broken down vehicle and an unwalkable distance. Here, they had three options:

  1. Book it, Oregon Trail style, with a caravan of other despairing artists.

  2. Cancel their booking.

  3. Call in some favors.

Lucky for us, they chose the third and made it an hour earlier than expected and proceeded to give the venue a very good time, providing a happy ending to an otherwise totally satisfying night.


The Way Away:

Are you looking for a peppy bunch of guys with some seriously in sync style? Are you waiting for that band who can make you swing your hips with a smile on their lips? Well, then this is the band for you. These boys have got a special sort of vibe when they play, loosely bouncing through their songs with a sound comparable to All Time Low.



Here’s a skinny dude with fat jams who knows how to open a set like a crab claw. His first song was full of swift beats, well placed and well based. Meaning, his bass was almost as incredible as his based-ness, a true dropper in the local EDM world. This was his first solo show and the crowd was left wanting more than he could ever blast in one set. Try to catch him around town, along with his partner in crime, Moddex.


Ryan Michael Forte:

If you are a woman, you’ll be entranced by his voice. If you’re a man, you’ll be entranced by his voice. If you’re a martian, you’ll be entranced by his biological communication emissions. Falling like a star from whatever jazzy heaven he usually plays at, The GARAGE was happy to let him shine on the audience for a night.

(Note: Well dressed bonus points.)



Hulking over the board, Moddex, Bear God of EDM, throws the dice  to release a special mix of pops, bops, snops, and pings. Similar in style to his co-creator in his main band Surprise Funeral, Mindpulse, he lays down the other side of their electric coin, focusing on a more trap-oriented set. Both were awesome, proving that together they are a force to be reckoned with in the metro today.


Altogether, this show pulled some saucy bands and we’d love to see more of their tier.

See you at the next prognosis, readers.

This is Chaos, reporting out.


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