MANHATTAN MOSAIC | Time is moving fast

Manhattan Mosaic

by Rachael

Time has taken off at a vomit-inducing level.

I’ve seen immersive art, read literary gold, eaten expansive food. I’ve met some of the most genuine, and some of the most questionable, humans alive.

In one month I will be through with my first semester of college. In one month I will be 15 credits richer and $20,000 poorer. In one month I will have built ⅛ of my degree.

Through continued frugality, I have worked long hours, saved money, and quit my soul crushing restaurant job (Hello, Ramen!). Because time has flown, flown ridiculously fast right past my eyelids, I will sacrifice any superfluous food or shopping expenditures in order to maintain my sanity and enjoy my final month in these courses. Hopefully this will aid in the withering of time.

I’ve learned a lot, through classes, people, and experience — a lot about me, a lot about people, a lot about New York, a lot about art, and a lot about money. I’ve learned that therapy is pretty much bogus, that the industry is full of (wo)manbabies, that I need a Brooklyn apartment, not a Manhattan suite, that singular mediums have failed our generation, and that Halal carts are the best bang for your buck.

Of all the things I have learned, how to not procrastinate still isn’t one of them (I also can’t seem to fit a figure drawing model on one sheet of paper). Due to this, (the former, not the latter) Winnicott and his “Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomena” are not-so-patiently awaiting my annotations. But that will all change in one month.

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