LIVE AT THE GARAGE | Promo videos from Fail to Decay and The Broken Are Crowned

the broken are crowned trenches

The Broken Are Crowned played THE GARAGE on Friday to celebrate their new EP Trenches, which came out today. We have a review and photos coming, but I’ll say right now: this band is wicked talented.

But about Trenches: in an October 22 review, Keenan awarded the EP 4/5 stars and said, “It’s a great EP, something that local music enthusiasts and the mainstream metal/hardcore listeners will thoroughly enjoy” after citing strong songwriter and musicianship throughout its five tracks.

Impressive sonic stuff. But to also capture the visual, Rico put together a promo video for The Broken Are Crowned, pairing live footage with their recorded music. Find it on Youtube, then subscribe to our channel to get live videos from THE GARAGE shows weekly.


If that impressed you, their EP can be found here.

Supporting The Broken Are Crowned were GARAGE regulars Fail to Decay. (Check out photos and review of their GARAGE show supporting Our Judgment here.) They’re good. See their promo vid below.

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